Ni’ Nava & Associates is the ultimate difference between self employment and enterprising. Our team trains you to be the indisputable CEO of your enterprise, while working with you directly as your outsourced Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer to co-design the business model and co-build your enterprise. As a result of partnering with our firm we transform companies from self employers to fortune 500 level enterprises.

Our partners increase their profits, income predictability, and operating efficiency; while freeing up the number of hats a CEO has to wear and their time spent working inside the company. Whether a company is a startup or tenured looking to scale, Ni’ Nava & Associates is the partner to help you make more than a living. Ni’ Nava & Associates is the partner to help you make a legacy.

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The New Generation of Entrepreneurship

Eighty percent of entrepreneurs never learn the difference between the SEO (not search engine optimization) and the CEO. The SEO is the “self employed owner,” while the CEO is the “chief executive officer” The SEO is working in the business while the CEO is working on the business. The old school SEO is walking into today’s entrepreneurship with an unfair disadvantage. The modern CEO knows the secret of going from small business to enterprise.

Have you ever noticed that Fortune 500 Companies and 7/8 figure startups generally not only have a CEO, but a COO (chief operating officer), and a CFO (chief financial officer)? On the other hand, why do SEOs start a business and have to wear one hundred different hats? Ultimately they end up overwhelmed and exchanging an 80 hour per week business for their previous 40 hour per week job. They are missing out on the valuable quality time spent with the things that are important to them. Overall because they are wearing so many hats, they can’t focus on their strengths, they don’t know everything, and they end up doing everything in mediocrity. No wonder 80% of businesses fail!

Ni” Nava & Associates, is the Nation’s Top Business Architect Firm. You no longer have to start, sustain, or scale your business alone, because with us you have a built in team to design your business model, build your company with the proven fortune 500 systems, and keep up with innovation in your industry. Now you can have the strength of a fortune 500 company with an outsourced COO and CFO, except you don’t have to spend $500,000 hiring multiple full time executive officers and you don’t have to give up any equity in your company.

The modern CEO wants

  • 1. A knowledgeable team when they need them,
  • 2. They want sales and profits today - not in 5 years,
  • 3. And they want direct access to the education and tools to turn their company into an enterprise, without spending 4-10 years and several hundred thousand dollars on a degree where the school hides the ball and they never learn the real life skills they need to build their enterprise.

Ni’ Nava & Associates clients make more money in a shorter time frame. They have more free time and less stress in their company. They have brand recognition and the strength of a fortune 500 team. Schedule a free consult and let us strategize on the future of your enterprise.

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